Friday, May 29, 2009

a thought: time vs. distance

the concept to ‘live only for the future’ is a ludicrous and highly illogical concept.  think, living only for the future with expectation that the present actions of oneself culminates to something great, grandiose in the future is to live (ironically) with complete regard and cognisance for events occurring present-day, here and now.  when one ‘lived only for the future’ a month ago, two days ago, last week, was one not living with anticipation for where one would be now?

in order to ‘live only for the future,’ one needs to establish the foundation of the present in order to establish future.  to conscientiously acknowledge only future albeit through actions of the present, ignores all paths and history it took to get from point a to point b.  one begs the question - if without point a, would there have been a point b?

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