Thursday, August 20, 2009

carbon copy.

where is the individuality in la? in this city so focused on individualistic creativity it bothers and baffles me the sheer volume of tunnel vision and narrow-minded scope in which people see and interpret the world around them. it is entirely about perceived appearance; know that simply telephoning others opinions and passing them off only haphazardly as one of your enigmatic own is not only transparent, it unwittingly makes you just one of millions of other carbon copies having read today’s news.  there is no longer individual thought, personal progress, truly self-actualized expressionism - we simply yield, accept, repeat what others around us say, think, do as our supply to our own “creative” opinion; i find the irony in this situation laughable. 

in a city with its residents struggling so hard to be unlike everyone else, we’ve become like everyone else.  in a city where the goal is to achieve individual recognition, the residents within it have only managed to start their own sub-culture where everyone is of the alternative same.  is it ignorance or denial that 99.99% of this city has not yet realized this?  it’s anyone’s guess.

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