Tuesday, October 27, 2009

spotted and some words.

spotted: dwell studio ‘chinoiserie’ bedspread and ikea stockholm blad curtains.

in slightly other news, i apologize for the lack of posting over the last few days.  last week was actually one of the most hectic weeks at work i’ve had in a long time, and coupled with the weekend that consisted mostly of being stuck in traffic equals me not being in the best of moods this week.  however, on the bright side i’ve finished one of my major projects i’ve been working on - a set of dining chairs for the new dining table, and i’ve ordered the pair of “head” chairs thanks to some of you who provided some really thoughtful input (once i get the whole set together, i’ll share).  now i just have to finish the parts that i can on the couch this week, and re-organize the living room with the new side chairs i bought awhile back, and a new side table bought on sale at target for about $7 - photos hopefully to come soon.  this week also brings a sweet, hopefully lo-fi halloween get together saturday, another halloween party (courtesy neighborgoods!) friday, and our opera company’s performance of our fall opera is this sunday.  all in all, a really busy weekend.

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