Tuesday, December 8, 2009

cold hands, warm heart.

my sincerest apologies for the lack of posts lately.  it’s holiday season again, and that basically means my days and weeks have blended into one long, unending blur of relative time and it’s been pretty difficult to sit down for a few minutes to get a decent post out the door.

it’s been very chilly in LA these past couple of days, and on a recent trip to Ikea I noticed some great and affordable chilly weather accessories.  I went home with the BEHÖVD vacuum flask in white (first row), and at a mere $5.99 it keeps your hot beverages very hot and your cold beverages very cold, all in style.  personally, I’ve been using my BEHÖVD to hold a constant supply of hot water at my desk so as to refill my constantly near-empty teacup, so it’s been incredibly handy to have around.  there’s quite a few other selections for the discerning hot beverage drinker, including retro steel vacuum flasks (second row) and a stylish but affordable teapot and teacup/saucer set (third row).

BEHÖVD vacuum flask, $5.99 at Ikea

HÄLSA vacuum flask, $5.99 at Ikea

VÄRME teapot, $9.99 at Ikea and CHARMÖR teacup and saucer set, $3.99 at Ikea