Tuesday, December 15, 2009

wreath diy & christmas tree alternative.

for those looking for small space solutions when it comes to christmas tree alternatives, consider the following ideas:  a tall vase filled with varying evergreen clippings from which ornaments are hung make a great space-saving alternative to a full-sized tree, or take evergreen clippings and diy a homemade wreath.  both are great ideas to re-use tree clippings typically destined for landfills, so not only do we get more use out of our christmas trees but we also reduce the amount of christmas tree waste, even if temporarily.

(evergreen arrangement from fjorn-scandinavian)

a friend of mine recently took to the evergreen vase idea, and stopped by her local christmas tree yard to pick up some evergreen clippings.  not only did she come home with a HUGE bundle (enough for five full-sized arrangements), they were completely FREE!  the christmas tree lot just had so many of them from clipping trees that they were happy to unload.  she shared what she had left over with me, and i created a large vertical evergreen arrangement, as well as the below wreath.  an incredibly easy project, this wreath took only an hour start to finish, and used only the tree clippings and some 24 gauge wire which i already had.  total cost?  zero dollars for an amazing wreath and evergreen vase.