Friday, January 29, 2010

clearance love.

i’m in sacramento today (and was yesterday) for work, and while in town, there’s not much to do without a car.  there is however, a small westfield shoppingtown plaza within walking distance from my hotel, so i took a small detour there after work yesterday to see what deals were to be had; i did not leave disappointed!  american eagle and gap both had some great clearance items; all clearance items at ae were an additional 30% off - i got the two marled sweaters shown above at $10.50 a piece and the plaid tunic for $13 - and gap had a ton of stuff under $10 - i found the deconstructed cream jeans above for $8.97!  i didn’t get the yellow corduroys shown above as they didn’t have my size, but they were a steal at $7.97, and the black/white plaid shirt above was only $14.  i’d highly suggest stopping by your local gap and ae for some really great basic finds at dirt cheap prices.