Thursday, January 5, 2012


at the writing of my last post, we were still in la, still pretty much same ol’.  since then, so much has happened, so much has changed that i don’t even know where i’d begin.  a rather incomplete list (but the most important), we’ve 1) moved to new york, 2) set up shop in clinton hill, brooklyn, ny, 3) i quit my job at match and found a new one in new york, 4) chris quit his job at original and moved out to new york to be with me and 5) totaled my car during the first snowstorm in new york in october in over 30 years.  oh yeah, and amidst that mess, i turned 28.  it’s been quite the whirlwind these last few months and it feels like years since we first set up shop in our new home state, but it’s only been since october.

without getting too personal about my choice for moving back, it’s been an amazing experience moving back in the city.  the last couple of months have been a mixed bag in terms of both elation and stress - it took us weeks to find an apartment that wasn’t completely out of our price range and/or a complete dump (and heartache on two we liked that both fell through), living with chris’ sister and three roommates in bushwick while we apartment hunted 20+ apartments each day, having all our belongings in storage and living out of suitcases while we apartment hunted, us having been out here for over two months now with no job leads for chris, and on our first trip back to pennsylvania, my car totaled in an 11 car pileup (11 at the least that i counted - chris had to get 31 stitches, i got a contusion on my forehead) on the way back.  thankfully, things have calmed down a great deal since then.  we found a place about a half block off the g in a newly constructed apartment complex fashioned from an old linen factory that we now call home.  slightly exasperated because it’s so expensive, absurdly so when compared to what i was paying in la, but neat since we now live in a studio with 13.5’ ceilings where we’re allowed to build a loft amongst many other home improvement projects (a home depot is literally behind us, which has proven to be immensely helpful).  it took us awhile to finally be able to get all our stuff out of storage and into the new place, and even then it was weeks later until we got most everything unpacked and sort of organized so that the space was at least livable for two people and a dog (and two cats, to come later).  i’d say we’re about 95% of the way there now which is such a huge relief; ideally i can’t wait until we’re completely done so we can finally start having friends over for dinners, cookies and pie.  

already this is so long and i already have the urge to stop, but if you’re reading this far down, thank you for being with me still.  so much has happened within these last few weeks and i know more will happen in the next couple of months, but all in all, i can already feel the good happening.  la was truthfully very difficult for me (more on that later, maybe) and while i’m effectively moving forward by coming back to new york, i’ve already started seeing the world in a changed perspective.  it’s nice.  it’s good.  in fact, it’s beyond good.  this, you guys, i can get used to.  

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