Tuesday, January 24, 2012

first/second photo from the purl bee, third/fourth photo from martha stewart.

i was looking up projects for valentine’s day gifts and got the idea to do a valentine’s day handmade gift exchange - would anyone be interested in participating? i was thinking it’d be super simple and casual; basically email me if you were interested and i’d match you up with someone else from the pool and you two would work out the timing, secrecy of the gift and address of where to send it to. sorta like a secret santa really, except more like secret valentines in this case.

if interested, please let me know! send me a note at whoskay (at) gmail and i’ll start a list (friends welcome) of people interested.  i’ll update in a week or so after i get a better idea of how many people are participating. but seriously, what could be better than getting a handmade with love valentine’s gift from a new friend on valentine’s day? not many other things, that’s what.

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