Thursday, January 12, 2012

image from amazon.

when i first moved to ny i was super excited to be in a city filled with so many artists, crafters and artisans, and i made it a personal goal to try and meet as many people as i could that were just as interested in crafts/handmade as i was in hopes of starting a monthly craft night.  we’ve since been here two months and it’s been kind of a disappointment as craft night still hasn’t happened, though to be fair, we’ve been so busy getting our apartment situated and me working during the day that i just haven’t had the time to go out and meet as many people as i’d hoped.  realistically though, i should probably go easy on myself - it’s only been two months and there’s been so much stuff that we’ve needed to do since we moved here and unfortunately life sometimes takes over.  but seriously, how amazing would it be to get together and make something fun, like one of the stuffed animals from sian keegan’s ‘how to make stuffed animals’?  

on a related note, it’s kind of unfortunate how much the outside weather can really affect my mood.  i managed to soak my entire head of hair this morning in the half block it took to walk corn (no umbrella, oops), and it’s been cold, rainy and gloomy all day.  all of this has me in a pretty melancholic mood, so i might just be a little more disappointed about craft night (or lack thereof) than usual.  things will look up though, and craft nights will happen.  even if it is just between me, the dog and the cats.  dammit.

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