Friday, January 27, 2012

meet me in montauk.

photo from my own travels, circa 2004.

it’s wet and miserable here in nyc today; the snowstorm from last weekend has all but disappeared, leaving in its wake sheets on sheets of rain and grey.  unfortunately, it’s also days like this that completely kill my productivity.

ever since seeing ‘eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ years ago i’ve had a fascination with the beach, particularly during rainstorms.  i remember one year heading down to cannon beach on christmas weekend with a couple of friends during one of oregon’s worst rainy seasons.  on a beach normally overflowing with families, children, dogs and beach toys, the entirety of the beach was quietly and absolutely deserted.  we fought so hard to walk the beach, fighting against the rain and wind with every step as the rain pelted us nearly horizontally as it fell, determined to knock us flat; it was one of the most peaceful and beautiful moments i’ll remember.  

now that i’m in new york and especially during times like these, it takes all i have to not fantasize a day away about trips to the rainy beach.  when i had my car it was no issue to instantly uproot for such spontaneous trips, but now when it’s an entire event to simply head over to the neighborhood ikea, such a journey to the beach seems a far reach at best.  one can dream, though.  and that’s exactly what i intend to do.

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