Thursday, February 9, 2012

adventures in ice cream.

earl grey ice cream, on the side and as a filling for cream puffs

back in la i used to frequent scoops at least once a week for their amazing ice cream, if even just to see what kinds of new flavor combinations they came up with, but i've been hard pressed to find the equivalent of that here in nyc.  so last weekend i decided to whip out my ice cream maker and just make some myself, and then got carried away and also made some cream puffs on the side.  i slightly modified this earl grey ice cream recipe (one cup milk with one cup cream instead of half and half) and used this recipe for the cream puffs.  if you haven't made cream puffs/pâte à choux before, it's a must try; the pâte à choux is extremely easy to make and nearly impossible to screw up, and it yields such professional looking results every time.  unsurprisingly, all the ice cream filled cream puffs have since been devoured though we still have a bit of the ice cream left in the freezer, but already i'm planning my next adventure in ice cream: honey lavender.

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