Tuesday, February 21, 2012

dye & knit 101.

image courtesy of vickie howell via textile arts center

textile arts center just opened up a dye & knit 101 and spin & dye class in march at both their brooklyn and manhattan locations - go sign up, quick!  last i checked there were still a number of spots open in both classes.  i've been wanting to learn how to really knit for some time (i've been just barely scraping by), and since getting into the natural dyeing book chris got me for christmas, this class would be perfect.  the dye & knit will be taught by owyn ruck, co-founder of TAC and the spin & dye is being taught by addison walz.


ariele @ brooklyn to west said...

These colors are amazing! Now I totally want to learn to knit too. Alas, yarn and all it's technicalities evade me!

k. wang said...

as it turns out, this particular dye & knit class was cancelled but there's another one that i enrolled for in june - you should definitely considering taking it! i find it's impossible for me to learn how to knit through books or even youtube videos, so i'm really hoping some hands-on, in-person teaching will help. and plus, the dyeing part will be totally fun - the colors from natural dyes are just stunning.