Wednesday, February 15, 2012

geronimo! balloons & memories.

images courtesy of geronimo! balloons

back when i was in high school, i shared a birthday with another girl in my year/most of my classes who was way more popular than i was; she would receive numerous balloon deliveries in class over the course of her/our birthday.  it effectively rendered said day one of the most dreaded days of the school year.  four years of clockwork torture, i tell you.

despite the bad memories i probably should have associated with balloons, i honestly love balloons.  i've been seeing the work of la-based geronimo! balloons everywhere and love what they do - they have such fun arrangements of balloons big and small, heart shaped and sphere shaped, brights and neutrals.  i can only imagine what a visit to their balloon studios would be like, but until then i might have to just wait for a special occasion as an excuse to order one of their balloons for myself.  see the rest of their gallery here, and learn more about their upcoming 499 Balloons project here.

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