Tuesday, February 28, 2012

hand painted valentines.

i hadn't wanted to post about these until i was fairly certain a majority of friends who i sent one out to received one, but this year i hand painted a couple dozen valentines and sent them all over, one of them even going out to london.  each card was also accompanied by a stuffed heart pin, though i forgot to take pictures of those, whoops.  i've been painting quite a lot recently, and this was one very quick little project that helped motivate me to practice painting regularly and also share the love, quite literally.  

also, i realize i haven't updated on the valentine's handmade swap, but i'm glad to say it turned out really well - i've heard very positive feedback from those who participated.  i'll update tomorrow with a few submitted photos of gifts either exchanged or received in the swap - stay tuned!

1 comment:

jenny gordy said...

Those are so pretty! Lucky friends.

Wish I could have participated in the swap, but I just had way too many projects going on and not enough time. Looking forward to seeing pics though.

I owe you an e-mail, sorry! Will get to it soon.