Monday, March 19, 2012

weekend snaps.

the two highlights of my weekend were definitely the best waffles ever on saturday morning (recipe to come in a later post) and a crazy sunday morning trip to dead horse bay (also more photos to come later).  i spent saturday with a stop at brook farm general store to pick up some soap and a wall hook for my hanging pot and spotted a beautiful ermie dress at a. cheng in park slope, where i did take the dive on a beautiful hand painted blouse by rachel rose.  also spotted: the tiniest kitty (who now lives in a tiny terrarium), pickling 101 and the craziest, most hectic food swap ever witnessed at the two year anniversary for bk swappers. i saw the most interesting things being swapped there, one girl made probably 30 different things, among them bone marrow butter.  insane!

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