Thursday, May 31, 2012

on procrastination, part two.

i'm god awful with ideas.  i have them, tons of them, but i get so overly excited about them that i start them and rarely ever finish them.  which is why, now that i'm unemployed, it feels like a better time than ever to finally put my foot down and finish projects i started ages and ages ago that i never really thought i'd finish.

i first started making these necklaces back in january (you might remember this post, what started it all) with the intent to make more and start selling them, but for multiple reasons got sidetracked and had only a necklace here and a necklace there - not wise if i'm trying to make enough to gain any sort of critical mass.  it's been this way up until recently, when i finally buckled down and busted through a couple afternoons making these, alongside the other wax work i'm also doing.  i'm very proud of myself for finally finishing these (and hopefully on my way to making more) and i've finally listed them on etsy.  so please, visit!  and take a look!  and buy one!  encourage me to stop being a slacker so that i can get up off my rear and make enough supply to meet demand!  yeah!  did that encouragement (hopefully) work?  ok, great.