Monday, May 21, 2012

a reductive process.

a few of you might remember this ring i made back when i took a jewelry/metalsmithing course while still in la; i had such a good time and learned so much in that class that i've been hooked on making jewelry ever since. i signed up for a wax carving class recently, and even though it's only been a couple weeks in i've already got two* pieces to show for it! the ring above is the second piece i made during class, the cuff (below) was something i made on my own time while at home.

(*note: my very first piece made in class was another ring, but for some reason it didn't come back from the caster last week, so hopefully i'll have it finished and ready to show by next week!)

i find the entire process to be so relaxing, but so fun. i've kept a little notebook of sketches and ideas i've had along the way, but this is easily something i could see myself doing more of, on a consistent basis. i've also toyed with the idea of selling these, though i guess it makes more sense to gauge interest in these pieces first before i start building an entire collection.

so i guess the question to anyone reading out there is: feedback, thoughts, general opinions? would you personally buy or have any interest in buying these?

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