Tuesday, May 29, 2012

weekend snaps, extended edition.

a perfect summer

memorial day weekend 2008 was when i adopted corn dog, memorial day weekend 2010 was also when i first met chris - there's a pattern emerging here.  despite a few hurdles in planning (or lack thereof) this last memorial day weekend, chris and i made the best of it and celebrated our two year anniversary by heading down to chincoteague island in virginia.  it's a sleepy little town with not much actually in town itself, but where chincoteague island shines is their wildlife refuge and the legendary 'chincoteague island wild ponies'.  

we spent about a day and a half crab watching, strolling the virginia coastline, stuffing ourselves with ice cream and other beach town fare.  on our last day out in our rented kayak, we saw what everyone who goes to the island hopes to see - wild ponies!  we got pretty close to a group of grazing ponies, even coming within five or so yards to a few.  amongst the group was a baby pony who was super curious about us - he kept looking our way, though he ultimately stuck by his mother.  

the rest of the time away was spent hanging out with chris' family/friends (who own a vineyard!), a stop at federal donuts in philly (where all the fancy donuts, fried chicken and iced coffee had sold out by 1pm, crazy!), a huge lot of dogs and stuffing ourselves with turkey burgers and potato salad.  it was a good weekend.  what about you? what did you guys do this weekend?

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