Monday, May 7, 2012

weekend snaps.

jam. packed. weekend.  that about sums up this weekend just right.  despite a 1.5 hour delay in my bus ride to baltimore, sara and i made up for it alright by charging into dc on saturday and knocking out three of the many smithsonian complex museums - the hirshhorn, national air & space and natural history museums - that entire complex is top notch.  i even saw demetri martin at the hirshhorn!  i think i seriously had a systems malfunction for a split second, but what else could i do?  it's not like i'm brave or have guts or anything.

despite only being there for about a day and a half, my highlights this weekend were many: captain crunch french toast at blue moon cafe (french toast dipped in crushed captain crunch, what?!), hiking at calvert cliffs where we were successful in my driftwood mission, and the textile museum.  the textile museum!  i was so, so excited to go to this and given that we barely made it in time before they closed, this place did not disappoint.  there's even a serious learning center on the second floor where you can try your hand at weaving and tying knots used in making knotted pile rugs - i would've been all sorts of into this as a kid.  the museum is small but manageable, which is nice having gone to the much larger museums in the smithsonian complex where it can quickly get overwhelming.  and as i'd heard, the museum gift shop was indeed amazing.  there was the most gorgeous resist dyed silk crepe robe/jacket thing in the gift shop, but it was a whopping $840.  yowza.

oh, and as a super special treat for everyone, here's an image of an amazing calendar at sara's lab - totally getting this next year.  

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Hideko said...

I'm glad you had a great time and amazed you were able to distill everything down into a mere 7 photos!