Friday, June 22, 2012

shop update.

they're finally available! i dyed this rope about a month back when i did all the fabric and yarn dying, and these were amongst the first to go into the dye baths thus the colors turned out much deeper and richer than some of the later fabric/yarn batches.

limited edition cotton sash cord necklaces dyed in either a madder + cutch or indigo + madder colorway in two beaded styles, now for sale in the shop. when i say limited edition, i mean it - there's only four total available in madder + cutch and one available in indigo + madder. while the colors on the rope turned out even better than i had hoped, it's really the beads i'm super excited about. i managed to score these amazing glazed pumice beads with smaller glazed (what looks like) stone beads mixed in, and these guys are just the texture mecca. i mean it, folks. mecca. all sorts of nooks and crannies, caverns and little stubbly goodness abound on these beads, and no two are alike.

there will be also be another update along a similar vein in a couple of weeks on convertible necklace/bracelets, so stay tuned!

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