Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a plead for help + happy 4th.

caught him mid-meow here - look at that face!

last night, i found a cat who'd been wandering our apartment building seemingly abandoned - he's amazingly friendly, not afraid of people and/or touch but apparently had been wandering around our building for the last couple of weeks with no one stepping forward to claim him.  we can't keep him here due to our complete lack of space and the fact that we already have two cats, a dog and two humans in a small studio space, so i'm asking any readers to please come forward if you or anyone you might know might be able to help foster a tremendously sweet kitty for awhile, or if anyone (or anyone you know) was looking to adopt.  

he seems to be a pretty young grey/white male tabby, neutered, litter trained, super friendly.  it appears he had a collar or flea collar on at one point - there's a bit of a rub in his fur from where the collar would have been.  he's pretty skinny but in overall healthy condition - his coat's shiny and his eyes are bright.  he loves to be pet and is a pretty talkative kitty once you get him going!  if we had the space we would foster him until we were able to find him a permanent home, but we're just not in a position to do that right now.  

please, if anyone can forward on my/his information to anyone that could foster or is looking to adopt, we would greatly appreciate it.  you can email me at whoskay (at) gmail for more information or photos.  

hoping everyone has a happy 4th!  


minkee said...

Do you guys have microchips over there? Make sure to get him checked out just incase he has one!

k. wang said...

minkee - yes, we have microchips here and i plan to get him scanned, but the soonest i could do so would be tomorrow since today's a holiday in the states.

judging from how i found him (healthy, but pretty dirty) and that he'd apparently been roaming our building for at least a couple of weeks, i'd say he was a pet at one point but had been abandoned.