Wednesday, July 3, 2013

special edition releases + an imminent shop update.

remember these guys? ;)

in honor of the upcoming independence day holiday and to give independence to some necklaces i've been holding onto for awhile, i've re-stocked the shop with a super (super) limited edition of the natural dyed cotton rope necklaces. there's a three and five bead version available, and when i say super limited, i mean super limited (as in there may or may not only be one of each in a couple of these styles! ;). my favorite part about these are the found stone/pumice beads - the three bead style features very lightweight glazed pumice beads while the five bead style features slightly smaller glazed lightweight stone beads - these guys are brilliant beautiful! each bead is like a tiny world strung on cord; there are mountainous rises and falls, crevasses and pits in each of these beads - no two are alike but each is amazing. snag 'em up, i tell ya! and no bias here, honest. 

however, if rope necklaces aren't quite your thing and you've been waiting patiently for more metal jewelry updates - hurrah! a shop update will be coming very soon, either end of this week or first part of next. this update will include a few new pieces such as the aska ring, the raya ring (another view here) and the edda ring. if you've been following along on instagram, chances are you've seen them in recent updates - they'll finally be available in the shop soon, soon! 

and lastly, a little holiday discount because what would a holiday in america be without a reason to shop? ;) use code 'happy4' for 20% off all purchases through sunday, july 7th. happy fourth of july, everyone!

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