Wednesday, February 29, 2012

daizo by rarebit.

'daizo' cover art by justin hopkins

daizo, the full length debut of justin hopkins aka rarebit, one of my longest standing friends and an endless source of inspiration, is finally available digitally with vinyl landing tomorrow.  i've known this guy since 2004 with a friendship spanning three states and counting, and i've learned from him the limits (or more truthfully, lack thereof) of man and his will to do something great more than anyone else i've yet to meet.  i know his family and his wide circle of friends are immensely proud of him, and over the year that we were rooommates i've seen the progression of daizo, justin himself and his craft and it's truly awe inspiring.  fun side note: the cover art pictured above was itself a year-long progression; it was moved around constantly in our apartment the entire year we lived there, with bits of work done on it here and there; finally seeing this in its finished form is somewhat of a closure for me.  pick up the digital release on itunes here, and pre-order daizo on vinyl here.  i preordered this seemingly ages ago and cannot wait until it finally arrives.  

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