Thursday, March 1, 2012

spoils + contribution.

yesterday was a crazy awesome mail day - the spoils of a giveaway package i won from papernstitch finally arrived!  and there was so much more than i'd anticipated: a raw stitchery wooden pendant from oh love lovely with several skeins to customize and make my own, the finished stitchery pendant as done by papernstitch's own brittni mehlhoff, a photo notepad from pinhole press and a mini 'journey journal' from cracked designs.  i was sent a stateside version of the 'journey journal' which would be amazing when i finally take that road trip i've been mentally talking up in my head, but the global version of this would be super handy for when we go on our turkey trip this spring.  thanks brittni!

also, i didn't mean to post this separately but since i was an idiot and forgot to include my own photo in yesterday's post, here it is now.  this hand painted heart pillow and his painted heart card friend were shipped off to north carolina (hello, le animale!) as my contribution to the exchange.  heart was painted with red acrylic on 100% cotton lawn with polyester stuffing.  i would've liked to use all wool stuffing, but time didn't allow me to get any before i needed to ship this out.  pillow measured approximately 10" wide by 8" high.

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