Thursday, March 1, 2012

30 days, 30 pairs.

day 1: madewell clog boots

i was looking through all the photos on my phone recently and came to realize a large chunk of them were all self portraits of shoes i wore on any particular day; in browsing through them it started to feel like a photo diary with each photo unique to the time, place and of course, pair of shoes i was wearing.  pretty neat, i thought.  thus the genesis of this mini-project: 30 days, 30 pairs.  i'll be documenting my own pairs over the course of 30 days on my instagram as well as on a side blog i created just for this project:  i'd love to make this a collaborative art project, anyone can submit a photo to add to the blog as long as:

1) it was taken on instagram (or other equivalent app) 
2) please include a caption on what day it is for you and what shoes you're wearing
3) the entire process took you less than five seconds (i'd like to make this an easy to participate/low maintenance project)
4) include your instagram handle if you'd like to be credited

you can send the photo to me at whoskay (at) gmail and i'll post on the 30 days, 30 pairs blog.  if you post on twitter, please include the hashtag #30days30pairs.  i look forward to seeing all your shoe snaps!

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jenny gordy said...

Cool idea. I love shoe photos. I'll definitely have to participate in this one.