Friday, April 20, 2012

happy friday & national park week.

grand canyon, photo by luca galuzzi

happy friday!  i know things have been a little radio silent here, but i expect things to pick back up next week as i get a handle on catching up from having been away for awhile.  we also ran into a bit of a glitch with the photos from our trip (nothing big, just forgot the power cord for the laptop in pennsylvania so can't power up the computer to download or upload them), so unfortunately no photos this week but hopefully i can get them up next week.  

in the meantime, the weather here in nyc has been gorgeous, it's even hit the 80s this week!  there's rumors of strawberries already appearing at the farmer's markets, and i picked up some rhubarb earlier today which is rare for this time of year.  seems the perfect opportunity for national park week which starts tomorrow, april 21st and runs through april 29th.  this means all US national parks are free admission for this week!  i'm already scheming on where to go, but if you live near a national park, take this opportunity for beautiful weather and free admission and go support your local national park.  we're a bit limited here in the northeast, but for those of you in the south and west, set forth and explore!  more information on national park week here.

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