Monday, April 23, 2012

weekend snaps.

hooray, weekend snaps back in full effect!  or rather, most effect - there are some included from earlier this week (including my arrangement from the most amazing little flower school class taught by the lovely nicolette camille at west elm) since we pretty much didn't leave the house yesterday as it rained all day.  saturday however, it was beautiful out, a perfect day for a visit to the brooklyn botanic garden.  if you haven't been, i highly suggest a visit there sooner rather than later; pretty much the entire garden is in bloom (save for the roses) and their numerous cherry blossom tress are in full swing.  my favorites though, were the lilacs - there's an entire section full of them and you can smell the lilacs before you can even see them.  amazing.


ariele @ brooklyn to west said...

I was there the other day too! It's so gorgeous right now. The lilacs are indeed a-MAzing! My personal favorites were the Japanese Peonies, did you see those? The flowers the size of your head? Beautiful.

k. wang said...

i did! they were one of my highlights, too. that area, along with the cherry walk and the lilac garden was probably where we spent most of our time, i got SO many photos of the peonies! gorgeous.

p.s. that macro shot of the white/pink flower with yellow pistils was of one of those peonies.