Monday, April 30, 2012

weekend snaps.

success!  what was supposed to be a productive weekend actually ended up being a productive weekend.  i chipped into the spring cleaning i've been putting off for the last two months and now there's finally room to hang out in our living room, hooray.  chris and i share a studio with two cats and a dog, so it's been driving both of us a little up the wall to have so much clutter in the space - we're still unloading things from the move and it's been six months!  

i also stopped by to visit coldpicnic's new shop on saturday (hi phoebe!) to meet/hang out with their super cute new pup, philip - that's him there, in the top right photo.  we spent some time trying to teach philip how to sit, lie down, and attempt to roll over (all in the shop, mind you - triple threat jewelry/gift/dog training shop) - by the end we were able to get him to sit and lie down pretty consistently, smart pup.

in other news, the perm has definitely settled down significantly since thursday, i've discovered the amazing that is a mexican mocha (mexican hot chocolate + mocha) and had the best croissant french toast (so sad i didn't get a photo of this, i wolfed it down before i realized what had happened), finally made some macrame hangers for the plants, and reconnected with a friend i'd lost touch with for some years only having recently realized we both moved to nyc within a month of one another (but had no idea)!  crazy.  


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