Friday, May 4, 2012

happy friday & textile museum/baltimore.

clockwise: farmer's coat, japan, meiji period, late 19th century / huipil, guatemala, 20th century / asmalyk, yomut tribe, central asia, turkmenistan, 19th century / robe, central asia, uzbekistan, bukhara, or fergana valley, mid-19th century / tunic, peru, 750-950 / all from textile museum

this week has been the week of change.  a huge life event happened for me that i'm still in the process of digesting (don't worry, nothing too major, but i'll talk about it when the time is right), but all i've thought about this week is how much i'm looking forward to this weekend's visit with sara and for jenny's visit next week.  i'm headed off tonight to spend the weekend in baltimore and dc to hang out with the lovely sara, and we're both going to completely forget our crummy weeks and dive headfirst into hunting for driftwood, visiting the smithsonian and the textile museum.  the textile museum!  i'm so excited it hurts.  i really hope they have cool stuff in their gift shop.  yeah, i'm a total geek, i know.  

and next week!  i've been a fan of jenny's for some years now, so i'm super excited to finally be able to meet her in person.  we're going to hang out and (natural) dye stuff, eat crappy food and talk about boys (just kidding) - i can't wait.  i'm going to make doubly sure my camera's fully charged and functional during our dye session, i've been saving up stuff to dye so i'm really anxious to get started/see how they turn out.  

oh, and speaking of life changes, i also started a jewelry class this week at liloveve, thanks to a gift certificate from chris as part of my christmas present (and thanks to erin for the recommendation).  so far, so good - i made this during my first class last night and it's pretty close to being complete, and i'm pretty happy with it.  i'll have to wait and see how the final product looks before i make any lasting judgement calls with it, though.  

happy weekend to all!

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