Wednesday, July 11, 2012

little (sparkly) treasures.

i've been on a big crystal/quartz kick lately, and the top three are just the most recent acquisitions.  i love the intrinsic quality of these (essentially) glorified pieces of rock that make each chunk entirely unique - no two shapes are the same, no two markings are the same, no two pieces reflect light in exactly the same way - it makes each one so uniquely beautiful, in its own right.  

i'm not a huge believer in the whole power of 'healing crystals' thing, but i do like to think that if looking at these little treasures each time brings even the slightest moments of happiness, of peace and of joy, that's healing power enough for me.

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Belinda said...

These are beautiful. I also love surrounding myself with glorified pieces of rock ;)

You know, I am a believer in the powers of crystals, but I often think, does it matter exactly why you are getting pleasure from having them around and on you? Who can say what the difference between thinking you are benefitting from them and actually benefitting from them is? Perhaps they are one and the same.