Monday, July 9, 2012

a quilt and life lessons.

this thing.  i finally finished this thing.  nearly two months and three iterations later, it's finally, finally finished.  

finished size measures approximately 24.5" square, and uses a combination of cotton, linen/cotton and silk, dyed using a combination of synthetic and natural dyes (indigo, cutch, madder, sandalwood and alkanet).  this piece incorporated some of the fabric i dyed during shabd's class at TAC i took during the holidays; the fabric had been sitting around patiently since then, waiting for the perfect opportunity to be used.  the natural dyed stuff was done during my huge wave of natural dyeing about a month ago.  

this piece, in all its unfinished glory, had been sitting around gathering dust waiting for me to finish when i finally decided this weekend was going to be the weekend.  little by little and stitch by stitch, it started to come together under the sewing machine, becoming tangible proof that sometimes, all it takes is a decision and the tenacity to stick to it, to get things done.  lessons in life, i guess.  


Belinda said...

I love this. So much. It's got a lot of soul. And look how great it looks next to your new mobile!

jenny gordy said...

Beautiful! I know what a big deal it is to finish something like that, so congrats. An inspiration.