Thursday, December 13, 2012

i do love my hair, i do, i do.

life as of late, from my instagram feed

whew. i'll say it, i'll come right out and admit it - this is an insane time of year. everyone has so much to do themselves, let alone for everyone else important in their lives - friends, family, etc - it's enough to turn a sane person who loves their hair into a crazy person who wants to tear out their hair (see title). or at least eat a gallon of ice cream. or a whole pizza pie. or something equally as delicious.

while i'm not immune to the massive pressure looming overhead of getting everything done that i need to in time, it's also been a top priority to me lately to reserve a few minutes for myself every day where i can sit, unwind, and reflect on everything as objectively as possible - and then i remembered the blog! ah, the blog (and a new year's resolution writing itself :). things do pile up and stuff can get crazy, but somehow putting it in writing that many others are in the same boat and it's not just myself brings me back a little bit. and frankly, that's all i need sometimes.

a few top things i'd still love to get done should time allow:
- these apple cider caramels from smitten kitchen
- this sea salt & honey custard pie from four + twenty blackbirds
- go on a hunt for indonesian palm sugar/gula jawa/jaggery for palm sugar ice cream

and indeed, it's no coincidence that they're all food related. what are your top priorities/things that still need to get done?

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Kate Bryant said...

I found you some sugar and jaggery babe! Kalustyans is on 28th and Lex.

I'm just learning about the nutritional content of unrefined sugar, like duh, but for some reason I never thought through the molasses + sugar equation in my head. ;-)

Let's cook something together soon! xo.