Thursday, March 14, 2013


+ a trip to iceland
+ lots of new ceramic works
+ plant hoarding
+ tea drinking
+ webshop opening soon!

my return from iceland was just this past monday, but already it feels like decades ago. i picked up and left amongst a massive to-do list, and am just surfacing (a little bit) from another snowballing list of things to do that seemingly never end. well, upwards and onwards they say! even if that upwards and onwards is me attempting to summit mountains of crumpled up paper to-do lists. i kid, i kid.

some very exciting news to share - the jewelry webshop is almost ready! i was fortunate enough to enlist the help of two very special ladies to squeeze in a lookbook shoot a couple weeks before my trip, and it's only a matter of sorting through a few site kinks until everything is live. stay tuned, more webshop news to come both on the blog and on instagram.

in the meantime, drinking lots of tea while being super antsy for spring to come, and spending way too much time in the ceramics studio lately. a few new pieces are shown above, with lots more to come! it might be time to start planning for some studio space, i'm being run out by ceramics and plants. not altogether a terrible problem to have. :)

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PineappleBuffalo said...

when an artist's main problem is to-do lists and spending too much time in the studio, it really lights my fire! Love this shot of the pots & plants. xo