Thursday, April 4, 2013

the things we keep jewelry, so pleased to meet you.

the day i have been waiting for, working towards, thinking of and counting down has finally arrived and i could not be more thrilled - may i finally present to you: the things we keep

the jewelry webshop is now open, and i'm seriously almost jumping out of my seat to finally share with everyone the culmination of the last several months of work. each piece started out as a hand carved wax form, and each one is hand cast and hand finished right here in nyc which makes each piece entirely one-of-a-kind. i really hope everyone loves each and every piece as much as i do, and the most humble thank you to everyone for all the encouragement, excitement and support over the last year. :)


Hideko said...

I LOVE the site and your jewelry collection! Is it possible for you to make your rings smaller than a 6? I would love to get one some day!

Congrats again- you did an incredible job!

Hideko said...

i LOVEthe new site and the entire collection!

If/when you can make the rings smaller than a size 6 let me know! I would love to purchase one some day!

Congrats again- the site and pieces are amazing!